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"The parenting classes were very beneficial and offered several options/examples for parents to become the best parents they could be."

~ Family Services Parent

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Crittenton Centers, formerly known as the Florence Crittenton Home, has been a part of the adoption community for many years and has a long history of work with birth parents, adoptive families and adoptees.  To provide a broader spectrum of post-adoption services to our former clients, Crittenton Centers has transferred case management services to FamilyCore beginning February 2013.  It should be noted that Crittenton Centers will retain ownership of all files.

For those seeking post adoption information, please contact FamilyCore at:

Email address:
Postal Address:  330 S.W. Washington Street, Peoria, IL  61602
Phone Number:  (309) 676-2400 (request adoption search services)

Additional Adoption information can be obtained from:
•    Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange
•    Midwest Adoption Center

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