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Asking for diapers instead of dolls

10/28/2015 9:51 AM


Asking for diapers instead of dolls 


This year for her tenth birthday, Kenzie Hart asked for baby bottles, diapers, wipes and a variety of baby accessories for others in need.

Not many second graders would forgo their birthday gifts with such joy, but Kenzie did not think twice about it.

“It makes me feel good when I do this,” she said, with a smile last week as she dropped off the items to the Crisis Nursery. “I just really want to.”

Kenzie, a student at Oak Grove West in Bartonville, hopes to continue her birthday donation for a few more years until she can volunteer at the Crittenton Centers.

“A few of my friends have even started this too,” she said.

Kenzie did not want to brag about her donation and just answered questions with a smile and a quick glance at her mom, Janel Hart, who was more than proud to boast about her daughter.


How does it make you feel as a mother to see your child think of others in need on her birthday?

Of course it makes me proud to know that Kenzie is so generous, and even more proud that she came up with this idea all on her own. And I like to think that as a family we have fostered her giving spirit and that we have led by example. However, Kenzie has always had a giving spirit, all of her life and all year round. … She just has a heart of gold.


What went through your mind as you saw her drop off the donations?


It makes me happy that we can help others and that she has started a tradition that we hope to continue for years as a family. And when I see how happy it makes her to help others at such a young age, it makes me wonder about all the good things she will do in the future. I can see her devoting her life to helping others in some form when she is an adult.

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