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Crisis Nursery assisting ‘large push of new moms’

10/16/2015 7:58 AM

 Crisis Nursery assisting ‘large push of new moms’


Last week, Kelsey Gareau, Crisis Nursery Coordinator, made an impromptu trip to Walmart to help stock the shelves with infant formula.

“We were turning so many people down,” she said. “I bought 14 cans of infant formula, and we have four cans left.”

It is without a doubt that many supplies are needed each day at the Crisis Nursery (open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week). However, as kids filter back into school and leafs begin to change, the need is even greater.

This can be seen firsthand as anyone steps into the room where Kelsey and staff struggle each day to keep up with formula, diapers and wipes, among other supplies. (These are the three most needed items and the reason for this blog today.)

“My job is hard, but I’m so happy to help these families,” she says with a smile. “Every day we get to change these people’s lives.”

Kelsey further explains the need for each of these items.


It seems like formula would be the first thing the public donates. Why is the need so great?

“Today, we have made over 12 bottles here in the nursery. We are seeing a large push of brand new moms. … Also, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center just became a baby friendly hospital, meaning they no longer give out packets of formula for new moms. Now, many moms are going home with nothing to feed their baby. … While breastfeeding is wonderful, sometimes the mothers we assist are so transient and stressed they don’t know where they are staying each night. So, they call us within a day or two asking for infant formula because breastfeeding isn’t working for them.”

What size diapers is the Crisis Nursery in need of the most?

“Well, we have changed 120 diapers this afternoon. We use the diapers in the nursery and give them out to the public. We are in the greatest need of size 4, 5, 6 and pull-ups because we are seeing many older kids still in diapers. … That’s why staff here is pushing more educational classes to help families with potty training.”

Wipes seem like an obvious need for new moms, but parents still struggle with this supply?

“Many parents’ government subsidies do not last the whole month, so we are seeing an increased need, especially at the beginning and end of every month. Every single family we serve asks for wipes because they just blow through them. We just haven’t had enough to hand out.”




Those wanting to help by personally delivering or sending items, please call 674-0105 to drop off. We have a monthly updated registry at Walmart and Amazon

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