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Every parent wants a special Christmas for their child. Thanks Huck's!

12/23/2015 12:58 PM


Ken Hahn from Huck’s gas station in Peoria contacted Crittenton Centers with a wish to help families in need have a special Christmas. Huck’s “Karing for Kids” Program is now in its 12th year of making a difference in our local communities with the very simple idea of providing children whose circumstances would have prevented them from celebrating a traditional Christmas the opportunity to go Christmas shopping for themselves and their families.The Huck's "Karing for Kids" Program provided 32 children from Crittenton Centers a shopping trip at our local Walmart with $150.00 each! 

First each child was able to visit Santa and take pictures with him right here at Crittenton Centers.   

After visiting with Santa, each family met with a Crittenton staff member and a Huck’s volunteer at Walmart to go on a fun shopping spree! The joy beaming out of the children when they were able to walk down the aisles and pick out what they "really" wanted for Christmas. Several families had tearful thank you’s to the staff at Crittenton Centers and especially to Ken Hahn from Hucks. One of the parents hugged the staff and told her how she would have never been able to provide such a nice Christmas for her kids. Her original plan was to go to Dollar Tree and pick out 2-3 items for each child because that is what she could afford. Instead, each child was able to pick out a couple toys and mom helped pick out some new clothes, socks, underwear, and shoes to get them through the winter! We are so thankful to Huck’s gas station for making several families dreams possible!!


Ken Hahn said we are already raising money for next year in hopes to double the amount of kids that we can take next year.


For more information about how to help children at Crittenton Centers, please visit our website:




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