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Making History Every Day

11/5/2016 12:15 PM

When I was in college what now seems like another life time ago, I was a secondary education major with an emphasis in history. My ambition at that time was to teach history and coach soccer on the high school level. This was partially due to two reasons; I was inspired by a couple of teachers (thank you Mr. Bonine and Mr. Lawson), and I have always enjoyed learning about and from history. Through the years, I think that my interest in history has developed more to the human involvement and cultural aspects of history, so maybe I should have become an Anthropologist. Actually, I think that because of those interests and my innate desire to help others is why working in social service is a good fit for who I am.

This week history intersected with my everyday life in two very diverse yet distinct ways. For one of them you would have had to have been hiding under a rock to not know that history was made. It has been 108 years since the last time that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. I saw an interview with a lady who was born a few months before the last time that the Cubs won in 1908. Seeing and hearing her really helped put these 108 years into perspective. This was the longest drought between championships for a sports team. I am just guessing that it won’t be 108 years before their next championship. I am not a Cubs fan, but you have to be happy for those individuals that have been fans all their lives, and this is the first time that they have been rewarded with a championship. Congratulations! 

Photo of Wrigley Field sign after the Chicago Cubs won the World Series

The other way that history intersected in my life this week was an event that was held at Crittenton Centers. Kim Kliethermes, the current Board Chair, hosted a coffee for former Board Chairs. There were eight former Board Chairs, spanning from the current chair going back to the mid 1980’s that attended this event. I enjoyed the stories being told, and found them to be enlightening and encouraging. Whether it was Andrea Parker telling about how her dad introduced her to Crittenton by having her buy Christmas presents for the girls when she was 17 years old. Or whether it was Gary Ebeling telling about how the agency grappled with making the transition from a maternity home to more in line with the work we do today. Or hearing Jay Glatz talk about how proud he was that even though there were times that the agency struggled that the staff never lost sight of the mission. Or hearing about how the Stocking Stuffer Store got its start 33 years ago. Everyone had a story to tell, and every story is relevant to the work we do today.

This was a great opportunity to connect what we do today to our past and vice versa. Crittenton Centers truly does have an amazing history. There have been many people through the years that have had a hand in shaping the organization, while ensuring that the mission continues to be fulfilled. There have been more people that we will ever be able to count, whose lives are changed for the better as a result of their interaction with Crittenton.

Crittenton Centers will be celebrating our 125th anniversary in April of 2017. You don’t stay around for 125 years without making sure that the work and mission stay relevant to the need of the day. Organizations like Crittenton Centers also need a Board that provides thoughtful leadership to plan and make decisions that yield positive results. After spending about 90 minutes with these 8 individuals, it became very apparent that the agency has been blessed through the years with individuals that clearly have leadership skills but also had and actually have a love for the mission.

We are coming upon a busy time of the year for the agency with Festival of Trees and Stocking Stuffer Store. We need your help and would like to see record numbers of people attending these events as well as a record amount of revenue raised.

2016 Festival of Trees Logo
2016 Stocking Stuffer Store Logo


Please consider how you can help Crittenton Centers. Call us at 674-0105 or visit our website at to learn more about how you can volunteer, donate or take a tour.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing investment, as Crittenton Centers continues to make history every day. Take care

Jeff Gress
President & CEO

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