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What a Day

2/1/2017 12:00 AM
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What A Day…Have you ever said to yourself what a day with a sigh?

“What a day” she said with a sigh, as one mother explained her situation to our Crisis Nursery staff.  She and her child woke up on her sister’s couch.  Her sister is tired of them staying with her and tells her to find somewhere else to live.  The child is hungry, and there is no food in the cabinets.  She just started a new job and needs to be at work by 9:00 am.  At 7:30 am she calls Crisis Nursery to see if we have any openings for her child today.  She is not sure if there will be a space, but she knows she has to find somewhere for her child to go today because she can’t miss another day of work or she will lose her job.  This mother has no reliable source of child care until her child care application for assistance has been approved and it could be another three weeks before approval. 
She is thankful her child can be cared for in the Nursery today.  She doesn’t own a car; therefore, she needs to be on the bus by 7:45 am.  She gets on the bus; drops her child off at Crisis Nursery; waits for another bus to pick her up; transfers buses; and punches into work 3 minutes late.  Her boss is not happy.  She works until 5:00 pm, and then gets back on the bus to pick up her child at Crisis Nursery. The Crisis Nursery coordinator meets with her to help her find a way out of this crisis.  First the Crisis Nursery staff provides referrals to shelters then introduces the mother to our Child Development Center (Daycare) coordinator to help her with finding reliable child care, and finally gives her some food for her child. 
Upon leaving, she misses the bus and has to entertain the child for a half hour before another bus arrives.  She finally gets on the bus and returns to her sister’s at 7:30 pm.  Her sister begins yelling at her that she needs to find somewhere else to live.  In the meantime, she knows she has to feed her child, give him a bath, and get him to sleep in order to do this all over again tomorrow. This mother loves her child and wants the best for him like all mothers.  If she can keep this up for another four weeks, hopefully the child care assistance will be approved which will provide safe and reliable childcare for her son.  We work hard every day to help people during their crisis and to provide a path out of their crisis. Hope is a powerful motivator to keep going in a time of crisis. Luckily, mothers have the support of Crisis Nursery.  They have someone to talk to and help them move their family to a better place.  Everyone needs someone who truly cares. 
You don’t know the difference your donation makes for a family but we see it every day. Thank you for supporting children and families. We experience each day the gratitude for your care in the life of a family.  We take it one day, one hour at a time and work to make a difference in the community and fulfill our mission of protecting and nurturing children and families.  
Some days, we know that by giving a parent a little time to themselves we may have prevented them from shaking a baby, it may have prevented them from hurting a toddler, or it may have given them some hope.  Next time you think “What a Day!” think of the blessings you have that others may not.  One of mine is the blessing to be involved with such an outstanding organization that is making our community a better place…one family at a time.    
Donna Ashley
Program Services Director

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