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A Gift That Keeps On Giving

7/19/2019 9:00 AM
Kenzie Hart's donation to the Crisis Nursery - 2016

One thing that never fails to bring a smile to my face is the gift of giving. However, many people seem to believe that they have nothing to give. What is often overlooked is how we are all capable of charity. In fact, some of the most heartwarming stories I have had the pleasure of hearing about are those of children from our local community giving back.

That being said, what better than to see some of the greatest gifts in our lives, our own kids, giving back to the community?

Kenzie Hart’s 10th birthday was around the corner. She was excited like any other kid would be, but not for the party or the birthday presents. Instead, she asked for baby bottles, diapers, and other baby supplies. When she stopped into our Crisis Nursery to drop off her donation, it was clear to us that this was something Kenzie was passionate about.

(above: Kenzie Hart with birthday donations, 2016)

“It makes me feel really good when I do this, I just really want to,”

- Kenzie Hart

Though Kenzie didn’t want to brag, Janel Hart, her mother, was very proud to boast about her daughter’s gift of charity, and told us that she had come up with the idea herself.

“I like to think that as a family we have fostered her giving spirit and that we have led by example,” Janel shared.

“...when I see how happy it makes her to help others at such a young age, it makes me wonder about all the good things she will do in the future. I can see her devoting her life to helping others in some form when she is an adult.”

- Janel Hart

This was not Kenzie’s first time helping out at Crittenton, and most certainly not her last. In fact, Janel was happy to share that Kenzie also collected donations for the center on her 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th birthdays. In addition to collecting birthday donations, Kenzie has worked Crittenton’s Stocking Stuffer Store with her mother and sister for the past three years.

Kenzie Hart's donation to the Crisis Nursery - 2017

(above: Kenzie Hart with birthday donations, 2017)

At Crittenton, we believe that children come first and that strong families build strong communities. As a family, the Harts have spoken to these beliefs by fostering such a bright and contagious giving spirit in their daughter. This family’s commitment to charity is a gift that will continue to keep on giving. In fact, Kenzie was happy to share that she has already inspired some of her friends to start collecting donations in lieu of traditional birthday gifts too!

Charity is a gift that we all have to share, and here at Crittenton we are truly thankful for all the individuals who help keep our Crisis Nursery, Child Development Center, and Educational and Support Services up and running. Our donors and volunteers help us continue to put to action the mission we were built on - to protect and nurture children and families.

To find out how you can get yourself and your children involved with Crittenton, visit us at

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