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Crittenton's Guide to Staying at Home

3/20/2020 9:00 AM

Crittenton’s Guide to Staying at Home 

Hi there everybody, Crittenton Centers hopes you’re doing well! In light of recent events, we’ve created some tips for the family during this time at home. Additionally, at this moment we plan to keep our Crisis Nursery Hotline 309-674-4125 live 24/7 and provide donations of formula, diapers, and more available for curbside pickup while utilizing telecommunication for our Parent Educators to provide support to families we serve.  Please make sure to monitor Facebook and our website for updates as this is a fluid situation. Now let’s get into our tips for an enjoyable time at home with the kids. 


  1. Spring Cleaning- Put some music on and get to cleaning! It’s the perfect time to wipe everything down surfaces, have the kids pick up their rooms, and go through old clothes and other items that can be donated to others. Having the whole family get in on this action can make cleaning fun and go so much faster. A clean home can bring peace of mind and that’s even more necessary in a time like this, so grab those brooms and dust-pans and get your cleaning on!


  1. Arts and Crafts- Just because you’ll be cooped up inside all day doesn’t mean that creativity has to suffer. Grab crayons, markers, paper, glue, or whatever is lying around the house and make anything with your children. This could be drawings of each other, finger painting, bracelets, or macaroni art. Arts and crafts are a great learning activity! When asking your children to name colors, talk about shapes, and make decisions about their craft; it allows them to develop critical-thinking, memorization, and language skills. You can also get your creativity on making it a full-fledged family experience!

  1. Read- Life doesn’t often leave us with a lot of time to grab a book and sit down. That’s what makes this time perfect for starting a book or book series with the kids. Take turns reading a page or have them read the book to you. While reading, ask questions about what’s just happened, in their own words. This method will help them build their comprehension skills. If there’s a movie or show about items in the book, watch it after finishing the book as a reward for their hard work! 

  1. Watch a Good Movie- Sometimes the best thing to do is sit back and curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie. Build a fort with the kids and settle in with a movie marathon. Maybe it’s an old classic, a sing-along, or something that makes you cry from laughter. Whatever it is, just relax and enjoy it. 

As always Crittenton Centers thanks its family and friends for their help. In this time of need, we are especially thankful for our donations. To make sure we’re protecting our children, staff, and Crittenton Centers' family we ask our donors to deliver their donations via our amazon wish list. We thank you again and urge you to take precautions during this time. Stay safe and healthy, and make sure to monitor Crittenton’s website for updates.

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