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Superheroes Need Breaks Too

3/6/2020 9:00 AM

Superheroes Need Breaks Too

Hello there Crittenton family and pals! The end of February, means we’re moving into one of the best times of the year, Spring, a time for things to grow and blossom. We can’t wait for this fresh beginning! In the meantime check out what we’ve been up to this past month. 

One of the biggest highlights of February was our ability to help a mother with a child suffering from an ear infection. Not only did mom have to face this pesky infection, but had other children to take care of as well, stressing her out. Moms are superheroes, but they also need rest and extra help. That’s where Crittenton comes in.

 We were able to help mom with her sick child, in order to provide her other children the care and attention they needed. This has encouraged her to use the center in multiple ways. In times she needs to prioritize her personal health, she utilizes the Crisis Nursery, a place where the kids can hang out with our wonderful volunteers.Our Parent Educator was able to support her with useful tips, home visits, and encouragement. 

A healthy and less-stressed mom makes a happy family! We are so glad that we can help relieve some of these harder moments in parenting. 

That’s all the updates we’ve got for you, but don’t worry we’ll have more for you soon! Make sure to stay updated with Crittenton through our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

Before you go, you can make a difference in the lives of children and their families, either through volunteering or donating. Find out more information on becoming a volunteer here. Donations can be made here! Thank you once again for your support and contributions in aiding Crittenton Centers! 


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